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Structure health monitoring

An essential part of safety and quality assurance is the management and the constant control of the current status of various engineering applications (for example):
  • infrastructures: pipelines, dam, bridges, buildings, roads, railways,etc.
  • complex structures: turbine blades, high pressure vessels, wings,etc.
  • strategic components: batteries, bearings, flexible pipes, etc.
  • rotational parts: bearings, axial, motors, magnets, etc. 
NOVA Tech is designed for remote and continuous structure health monitoring where NOVA-sensing technology and the cutting edge data analysis methodologies, such as machine learning and AI, increase the system safety and working life.

Some possible case studies:
  • bearings loads, vibrations, lubrication, balance, temperatures.
  • bridge vibrations, modal analysis, traffic frequency, cracks propagation.
  • dam deformations, pressures, temperatures, water level.
  • turbine working life residual trough stiffness change and modal analysis.
  • lithium battery pack life residual trough deformation monitoring.
  • pipeline leakage monitoring through temperature gradient or pressure.