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Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring
NOVA FSI technology achieves data sampling rates that allow an accurate modal and vibration analysis on complex structures.

Advanced algorithms accurately track changes in vibration modes and can provide acoustic sensing during the structure life cycle.

The structural health is reliably and continuously monitored.

No need for complex stiffness correlation methods with ambiguous outputs due to the undefined input loads.

Wind turbines, rails, trains, tunnels, dams, bridges and many more.

Tank integrity

Tank integrity
Leakage from the floor of corroded storage tanks is a safety, environmental and economic hazard.

Shape imperfections can introduce friction between the floating cover and the tank, generating sparks.

A tank failure and the consequent potential explosion/ fire at adjacent infrastructures is unacceptable.

Shape sensing and vibration monitoring on storage tanks can detect shape imperfections, leakage and cracks.