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NOVA Photonics

The main activity of the division NOVA Photonics concentrates on the passive fiber sensing elements, their design, development and manufacture.
NOVA Photonics benefits from its own, fully equipped Photonics laboratory, focused on:

-    Laser inscription of NOVA sensing fibers
-    Manipulation and preparation of fiber assemblies (connectors, splice junctions, fiber couplers and external protections)
-    Sensor calibration and qualification

In the Sensing lab, NOVA Photonics integrates the sensing fibers into mechanical structures and provides complete sensor mechanisms. 
The application-oriented vertical control on the measuring elements, from conception to production, grants the perfect formula to support our clients in the development of complex sensing realizations, tailored on their custom requirements.
Every quantity measured through a NOVA sensor represents a dimension in the parameter space of the world surrounding. Sensing elements are therefore classified based on the dimensions they can explore: