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By concatenating multiple sensing elements, it is possible to monitor the structure in a multi-D space-time environment. We can track in real time the structure deformations together with other significant parameters such as temperature or pressure.

Photonic Control Unit
The PCU is the FSI interrogator. PCUs are highly configurable based on customer inputs and specific requirements, the most important parameters are customizable:

- Number of parallel measurement channels
- Number of sensors per channel
- Sensor bandwidth (from 1 Hz to 1 MHz, independently of the number of sensors)
- Data acquisition interface
- Mechanical tests and environmental certifications
- Communication ports (USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi)

PCU - GEN I FSI Interrogator

PCU - GEN I FSI Interrogator
Key Features
  • 205 kHz Sampling Frequency
  • 20 nε Resolution
  • 80 Sensing Segments
  • 10 mm - 20 m Spatial Resolution
The Photonic Control Unit (PCU) GEN I is the first commercial interrogator for dynamic measurement of FSI sensors (Fiber Segment Interferometry). This interferometric instrument offers high resolution or deformation and temperature measurements over discrete and distributed sensing lengths. The ultra-high sampling frequency allows for acoustic, vibration and modal analysis. Compatible with 3D shape sensors.
Download the PCU GEN I datasheet