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Dr. Andrea Mannarino

Director of Data Science

Dr. Andrea Mannarino
Andrea studied Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, specialising then in dynamic loads estimation using neural networks in his PhD, divided between Milan and Duke University, North Carolina.
Off from academia, he joins Siemens Wind Power (now Siemens Gamesa) as a load design engineer, focusing on prediction and validation of the aeroelastic response of prototype wind turbines.
Allured from the glitter of Formula 1, he joins Mercedes AMG F1 as Simulation and Modelling Engineer. In the years at Mercedes, he develops simulation for a wide number of systems, focusing on flexible suspension models and fitting of wind tunnel data.  
He joins Nova Scientia to drive the development of their data science capabilities, shaping the applications that will help clients to better understand their measurement data.
In his free time, he enjoys reading, writing, sometimes painting and trying not to lose money on the stock market.