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About Us

Optical fiber sensing is triggering a new era of structural and environmental monitoring. 
NOVA SCIENTIA, freshly founded as a high-tech and innovative company, pushes fiber measurements to sub-nanostrain performances at MHz bandwidth. Thanks to its fully patented technology based on Fiber Segment Interferometry (FSI), NOVA SCIENTIA represents a step forward for all engineering systems aiming to optimized efficiency via enhanced control, shape sensing and predictive maintenance. Through its sub-divisions NOVA Photonics, NOVA Tech and NOVA Analytica, NOVA SCIENTIA vertically takes care of every aspect related to complex sensing projects:

-    Business strategy
-    System design (engineering, software, data analysis), 
-    Development and production of components (electronics, photonics, optics)
-    Installation


NOVA SCIENTIA mission and goal is to implement FSI technology in engineering applications generating a tangible impact on the overall systems efficiencies.
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